Have you ever tried baking your moi-moi (bean cake)? -Trust me it’s delicious!!!


My baked moi-moi recipie

Don’t you just love that tantalizing taste of moi-moi especially when you eat it with bread or cassava flakes (lol abegi garri jor) or even with eggs. I sure know am not the only lover of moi-moi. It’s so on point for me.
Honestly, the idea of baking moi-moi came from my sister. I didn’t really take her serious though but I guess her curiosity made me learn and love this technique too.

Hello people Disclaimer!! This recipe was made by my sister. I am not a food expert but I just am in love with this meal and would love to share how to make it.

My ingredients for making baked moi-moi (bean cake)

  1. One medium sized chopped onions
  2. Two or three cups peeled beans(depending on the intended quantity to cook)
  3. 4 Habanero peppers ( known as ata rodo in Nigeria) and 4 bell peppers (tatashe)
    ( you might not add this much pepper,if you like but I just like mine slightly peppery)
  4. 1-2 table spoonful of crayfish
  5. Chopped Hot dog or cornbeef
  6. One tin sweetcorn
  7. 5 big sized chopped carrots
  8. Seasoning and salt to taste
  9. Groundnut oil

How to make baked moi-moi (bean cake)

  • You start by soaking your beans in water for about 20 mins, followed by peeling your beans.
  • wash your ata rodo (habanero pepper) ,onions and tatashe (bell pepper) add to your peeled beans. Thereafter proceed to grind into a smooth paste.
  • Add groundnut oil, salt, seasoning,crayfish to your freshly grounded beans paste.
  • You then proceed by adding your chopped hot dog, chopped carrots and sweetcorn.
  • pour the mixture into your baking tin and it’s ready to bake
  • Add a bit more chopped carrot, hot dog and sweetcorn on top of the mixture in the tin, just for a little extra but this Step is totally optional
Processed with Rookie

Processed with Rookie

Bon appetite!!! Enjoy your meal.


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