Do you really need a facial toner? -Oh yes you do!!

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What are toners?
A toner is a skin care product, usually water-based, that’s meant to shrink the appearance of large pores and further cleanse the skin, picking up any makeup or debris that may have been left behind. Regular use of a toner can help prevent wrinkles (slowing down aging process), tighten pores and add a wonderful glow to the skin.
Toners are designed to help restore skin’s pH balance, due to the cleansing of the skin with bar soaps and harsh cleansers which disrupts the skin’s PH balance, leaving the skin more vulnerable to bacteria and other microorganisms. Many cleansers available in supermarkets still alter the skin’s pH. Over time, disrupting pH could lead to inflammation, dryness, and accelerated aging.
If you wash your face with a balanced, organic cleanser, your toner might not need the pH-balancing properties of toners. The truth is that different toners have slightly different benefits (and some can actually be bad for skin). So it all depends on your skin type and the toner that you use.


Five reasons why you need to add a facial toner in your beauty routine
1. Cleansing effect
They remove residue from the facial wash or foam that you used for the first step of your routine. Likewise, toners remove other remaining dirt on the skin’s surface.

  1. Minimize the appearance of large pores
    Most toners contain a cleansing ingredient, which helps to minimize the appearance of pores, giving skin a smoother appearance. It’s important to be cautious in which one you choose, though. What you need is an ingredient that minimizes the look of pores without drying.

  2. Hydrates
    Facial toners provide hydration to your skin, which is very important in maintaining elasticity, smoothness, moisture and a more youthful appearance. Proper skin hydration reduces the signs of aging skin and provides an effective base for the application of facial cosmetics. Many facial toners also provide vitamins for the skin

  3. Restores the skin’s PH
    If you use a bar of soap or foaming face wash that might dry out the skin due to their low PH balance, a toner will help counteract the dryness that occurs. They restore your skin to its normal pH, which should be slightly acidic. Balanced pH leads to less reactive skin – not as sensitive and produces less oil.

  4. They also thoroughly prepare your skin for the next step of your routine. Toners make your skin more receptive to the serums and emulsions because they are properly balanced.


Have you ever tried baking your moi-moi (bean cake)? -Trust me it’s delicious!!!

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Don’t you just love that tantalizing taste of moi-moi especially when you eat it with bread or cassava flakes (lol abegi garri jor) or even with eggs. I sure know am not the only lover of moi-moi. It’s so on point for me.
Honestly, the idea of baking moi-moi came from my sister. I didn’t really take her serious though but I guess her curiosity made me learn and love this technique too.

Hello people Disclaimer!! This recipe was made by my sister. I am not a food expert but I just am in love with this meal and would love to share how to make it.

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My ingredients for making baked moi-moi (bean cake)

1. One medium sized chopped onions
2. Two or three cups peeled beans(depending on the intended quantity to cook)
3. 4 Habanero peppers ( known as ata rodo in Nigeria) and 4 bell peppers (tatashe)
( you might not add this much pepper,if you like but I just like mine slightly peppery)
4. 1-2 table spoonful of crayfish
5. Chopped Hot dog or cornbeef
6. One tin sweetcorn
7. 5 big sized chopped carrots
8. Seasoning and salt to taste
9. Groundnut oil

How to make baked moi-moi (bean cake)

– You start by soaking your beans in water for about 20 mins, followed by peeling your beans.
– wash your ata rodo (habanero pepper) ,onions and tatashe (bell pepper) add to your peeled beans. Thereafter proceed to grind into a smooth paste.
– Add groundnut oil, salt, seasoning,crayfish to your freshly grounded beans paste.
– You then proceed by adding your chopped hot dog, chopped carrots and sweetcorn.
– pour the mixture into your baking tin and it’s ready to bake
– Add a bit more chopped carrot, hot dog and sweetcorn on top of the mixture in the tin, just for a little extra but this Step is totally optional

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Bon appetite!!! Enjoy your meal.

Happy new year!!

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Hello guys, happy new year!! I hope 2016 was loads of fun for you. New Year is a time to celebrate with friends and family, to have fun and to catch up. So I wish you a pleasant year with joy. Make your New Year a blast of fun, full of cheer and warm greetings for everyone. Have a healthy New Year!