The key to a natural flawless skin


I have always admired people with flawless skin. I have always asked them ‘how did you do it?’. I never knew that I could also have a beautiful skin, if only I had made better choices about how I took care of my skin. I finally decided to make a change and say YES! to a better skin. So I have listed below a few tips that has helped me and still use to maintain a beautiful skin. I hope these tips help improve your skin too.


Most make up wipes may contain alcohol, preservatives and other ingredients which might not necessarily be good for your skin. Make up wipes don’t really remove all your make up. They only move your make up around the face thereby blocking the pores on the face, but if you would use one make sure you cleanse your face thereafter.

Basic skin routine ( mini facial )

  1. Cleanse ( morning and night daily)

Cleansing should be done in the morning to remove oil, dirt and leftover products used on the face the previous night. Cleansing should also be done in the night to remove makeup, oil,pollutants from the environment and dirt on the face.

  1. Exfoliate

Deep exfoliation of the skin is required two to three times a week after cleansing the skin. It removes dead skin cells, reduces congestion in the pores, makes your skin more supple and gives a smoother base for make up application.

  1. Tone

The next step after cleansing ( dats if you won’t be exfoliating )Β is to use a toner. They help hydrate the skin, balance the PH of the skin and also tighten the pores of the skin.

  1. Moisturize

Moisturizer are required right after using your toner. They keep the skin hydrated and softer

  1. SPF (sunscreen)

Lastly, use SPF. They protects the against premature aging, skin cancer, burns from the sun and pigmentation.


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